*a week of things and stuff

This week has been a little maddening with work, but I’ve still been able to keep up on the crochet escapades. People must see me as such a granny on the trams. I’ve worked up to getting 3 sqaures done a day. And, I’ve found a really lovely pattern for flowers. They are so simple, I can’t wait to get some nice new colours and make a few brooches.

As you can see, I’m attempting to make a blanket. Let’s see how long this will actually take…

Jacob and I saw Transformers 2 last week. Not great, but entertaining enough to keep my A.D.D. lack of attention span. Before we went to the matinee, we hung out at Duncy and Erin’s over in Carlton for a bit and spent a little time with the adorable Eddy. He’s basically the cat version of Timmy, but deaf and a little special 😉

I love their courtyard. It’s comfy and relaxed and pretty but still very utilitarian.

On the Jakey cooking front… Honey and Oat biscuits

And Chili – so yum!!

Today I started my 9 week arts class as well. I haven’t really had any structured art classes in about 15 some odd years. It was a good class, I sat between a couple 55+er’s. There are only about 7 people in the class, which I love. I’m really hoping to get back into drawing. It’s been my first love since I was about 3 years old, so for me, it’s a very nice change from the photography I’ve been taking on the last 10 years. In this class we focused on perspective and shapes and drawing those shapes within the proper perspective… it was like being a kid again. When I was about 5 years old, my dad and his friend, Mike, showed me how perspective worked by taking me to the corner of the house we lived in. They basically said, See how the house gets smaller the further away it gets?…. Got it. I was sort of smart when I was younger…. what the hell happened?? 🙂

When I got back from class today, Jacob was working on his own creativeness after taking Timmy for a walk… Give a man a band saw and some old cymbals – Sweet as!

This is well on it’s way to becoming a brooch. Nice work babe!! I can’t wait until he has more time to do this.

i think that’s about it for the weekly update.

Just one other note – Happy Birthday to my darling Sister!! Love you Leigh and miss you heaps!! Hopefully you’re feeling better! Watch out for those ticks!


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