* kumquats and hydrangea

Hello hello…
These last few weeks have been quite full on. Between work, life, and lovely family visiting from New Zealand (xoxox) I haven’t had any time to post. Booo-urns.

Anyway, during my lunch break today at my desk, I got myself up to date with all happening in the world – blogs i try and read regularly, facebook, emails – all that good stuff.

I read a post from Claire at Loobylu that was so lovely. Read it. It’s a strange association to have, but kumquats have always reminded me of my Gramma Dawley. She was the one that introduced me to kumquats. I never thought I would like them, but because of her – I’m an addict. I miss her terribly. She lives back in the US with the rest of the family. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet in your life. Ask my friends, my husband, anyone! She’s absolutley beautiful in everyway. I miss you Gram! xoxo

On an Etsy note – I have a new image up…

This was taken with my Holga last time Jacob and I were in Wellington. I refused to shoot digital on that trip… best descion ever!


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