* saturday

Ok, sorry for the massive amount of random update posts!

The whole story is as such – my Macbook died about a day after I got my new mega pc. 😦 I was almost 2 weeks without any interweb at home. HELLO WITHDRAWL!!! Anyway, on Friday, Jacob had a day off and was able to crawl under the house amungst the dirt, cobwebs, broken glass, random animal poo (yuck!) and drill into the flooring and hardwire up my new computer! (how can you NOT love him!!!)

So now it’s time to play catch up!

Saturday was quite eventful for most of the day. Duncan and Jacob felt the need to build something… so they built the ‘Kubb Bench’. They found all sorts of scrap wood under the house and used a couple random old tree stumps around the yard.

Recycling at it’s best!!

And done!

Perfect for for playing Kubb and beers!! And Timmy loves it too 🙂

And, some garden updates – Peas a plenty! and our capsicums are turning a lovely shade of red!

I finally planted my chamomile seeds too!! Can’t wait for those!!

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