*pumpkin carving and cats

One more week until our pumpkin carving party!!! It’s the first annual in the van Hulst family with hopefully many more to come!

Of course, here in Australia, those lovely big orange pumpkins are very hard to come by. We did however find some really lovely pale green/grey pumpkins with a similar shape. And we always have the option of doing some awesome carvings with butternut squashes and such… Time to get creative!!

Also, I received an email from my mum this morning. Our cat, Lucy, passed last Tuesday. 😦 She was such a gorgeous little girl. We got her and her sister, Ethel, when they were tiny kittens, back when I was just going into High School. Ethel disappeared after a couple years, maybe less – she liked her indepence and kitty kat freedom. But Lucy always stuck around, even after moving to a new house. She was mainly an outside cat except for the few times I was able to sneak her into the house for a short time – Sorry Mom! She had mostly white fur with a random splatter of red and black splotches, a black nose, and one side of her bum was black as well. She was adorable.
Just recently, in the last few years, she stayed outside in the cold for too long and the tips of her ears were frostbitten and soon fell off… despite the horridness of this, she looked cute with her little round ears – like a teddy bear. She was lovey with everyone and always enjoyed the head scratches and the big back pats.

My mom was there with her when she passed, which must have taken so much courage for her. And a lot of allergy meds, but you do what’s important in those times.

Lucy was just about to turn 20. I can only imagine the amount of kitty adventures she had in her 140 cat years… She will be deeply deeply and dearly missed.

Love you Lucy! xoxo

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