*happy halloween!

It’s finally Halloween!! Not that we celebrate it much here in Australia, especially like we used to back in the States, but that’s ok. Yesterday I saw quite a few kids dressed up with capes and green scary faces walking to the Primary School next door… There is hope yet!!

Last weekend we had the 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Party – good times! Jacob, Duncan and I went early to the Vic Markets to find any orange pumpkins we could… $35 and $20 later, we had two. We then vowed to never spend that much on pumpkins again, save the seeds and grow our own for next year. I excited to find two pumpkins, but the cost of them was quite a buzz kill. 


My Martha Stewart Decor. They turned out ok. The Pumpkin was a little to on the large size – but the cat and owl came out as good as I could have expected! Yay for glue guns!!

Let the carving begin!!!
Jacob and Erin

Pumpkin Guts!! Ewwww!

Tim and Bryan


And finally!!! The Finished Pumpkins!! Bad spirits – Be Gone!!
Erin and Jay’s pumpkins

Bryan’s and my pumpkins

Bootsy Pumpkin by Duncan and another by Erin

Jacob and Erin’s

Julie and Jo’s lovely anime lady 😉

Tim’s 12kg grey pumpkin. Even without the guts, it’s still heavy as!!
Happy Halloween!!!

2 thoughts on “*happy halloween!

  1. Love the pumpkins! We carved one too but luckily didn't spend as much. Our local(large) supermarket accidentally charged us a small fraction of the normal price and we accidentally forgot to tell them. Oops. Hope you had a fab halloween, looks like you did! xo


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