*what’s hot & not

Yes, another Wednesday What’s Hot and Not via the lovely Loobylu…

So Hot :

Timmy is Free Range! Since we’ve had him, he’s been staying in the laundry room when we are not home. The last couple weeks though, we’ve been trialing him out and about in the house. He’s been a champ! He’s only gotten into a few things, but I just have to remember not to leave my wool anywhere in the house at Timmy level. Sometimes, Timmy thinks he’s a cat and decides to go after balls of yarn. What a nugget!

Redesigning the website!!!Β * {Portrait Photography} None of the other links work yet, but let me know what you think! I’m digging it. I’m in the process of setting up the children’s portfolio, but it’s so hard to narrow down all the cuties I’ve photographed in the past!

Melbourne Cup Day – The two horses that were randomally chosen for me did not win, but it was a good day off to hang out with friends. Thanks to Claire and Daniel for hosting a yummy BBQ down south of the Yarra.

Crocheting – I’m still working on my two massive Granny Square blankets. I’ve finally started putting the grey and green one together in strips. Of course, what I thought was a decent sized blanket, has now turned into a bedspread size blanket (thanks Jacob :P), which means more and more Granny Squares to go.

Starting to plan my stacation over Christmas break – All I want is sunshine and books!

The temperature. 30+ degrees C this week?? Ouch. But bring it on! I’m in some serious need of vitamin D πŸ™‚

Not So Hot :

Earwigs. We’ve been battling them for what seems like ages now. Jacob goes out into the garden before bed to have at them, knocking them off the passionfruit plants and into a bucket of water. Anyone know any good way of getting rid of them?? They are killing off almost everything in the veggie patch as well! Yuck!

My shoulder. Yesterday morning, after sitting on my computer for about 20 minutes, redesigning my site, I sat up nice and tall and decided to stretch. Bad idea. I finally made it to lay down on the bed, but then couldn’t get up. Ugh. All of the muscles from between my shoulder blades up through my neck haven’t loosened yet. Thank goodness I have my Osteo tomorrow night.


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