*a weekend away…

By chance, we were able to take a day and a half away from the homestead here in Melbourne. We stayed with Nance and Dave at the Chestnut House in Hepburn Springs out in country Vic. It was Timmy’s first weekend away (it’s pet friendly!!! yay!!!) and his first long car ride. Well, an hour and a half outside the city can be long for our lil Nugget.


Yes, we got a little lost. Nothing major though. Saw some beautiful country side!


The house was so beautiful. I could spend the rest of my days there. It was so peaceful and gardens were so lush! It didn’t feel like Australia at all!

Jacob and Dave – probably comparing the differences between Australia and New Zealand. Again 😉


See!! Lush!!!
We went for a quick wander about the town. Small, cute, sort of red-neck in a good way! 🙂 We found a great little gallery called Wolf at the Door. I wanted one of everything. I loved the smaller paintings and some of the handmades. They were super nice!!


Dinner! All good except the mosquitos. Ugh!! After dinner we hung out in the Cinema Room and watched Coraline on the wide screen. Ahhh, Tim Burton, popcorn, wine and good peeps!! Happiness.

The next morning, we had a visitor. Gorgeous much!?


Thanks Claire and Daniel and Nance and dave for letting us stay the night!!!! Have a good rest of the week there!!!

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