*what’s hot & not

Aida reminded me today – one month until Christmas. Yikes!!! I supposed I should start thinking about gifts and what not.. I’m such a bad Aunt!

Hotties –

Starting a new painting on the weekend. My goal is to finish it by this weekend. I don’t have much time during the week to do these types of things, but I love painting again….

The WIP.

Not the best shot of it, I took it with my iPhone this morning. The star/fireflies are actually pieces of paper from the hole puncher in my office. This is what happens when you wake up at 6am on a Saturday morning and listen to Andrew Bird while you paint 🙂

Tonight, a bunch of us are going to the RocKwiz Christmas Show!! More proof it’s getting to the holiday season I guess. So excited though! I saw one Christmas show they did and Liam Finn played – woohooo!

It’s Thanksgiving back in the States on Thursday!! I’m missing the family and the friends and the fact I will not be stuffing my face with turkey again this year, but I may make a pumkpin pie this week to celebrate! Yum!!!!!!!!!!

Also, this Friday –

I made her some buttons to sell of some pieces… 🙂 Anywho. See you there!!

Notties –

This week or so we’ve had a homeless man staying on the bench across from work. My desk faces the window, which in turn faces said bench. He’s harmless and seems nice enough, but it’s a sad state when the police come and try to offer help and he doesn’t say a word. They eventually fight him to the ground and pin him to the pavement with one knee on his chest, another on his throat.
It’s hard to say whether or not I understand how this would feel, either as the man on the ground or as a police officer. It’s just a horrible thing to see. But good news, he’s back on his bench reading the same magazine he’s been reading all week.

Yeah, back to Thanksgiving. REALLY missing the family. Love you all! Enjoy the festivities!!!! Happy Thanks!!! *and remember – Mom – Trip the Fan!!!*


4 thoughts on “*what’s hot & not

  1. How funny! I have been listening to a LOT of Andrew Bird while I type up my Nanowrimo novel – it's just the best. So evocative of other worlds… fun and lively, or sad and gentle… a bit of everything.


  2. Nice! Andrew Bird is just awesome. I saw him play a couple times – he's just such a beautiful musician. He has a way of getting into the creative bits of my brain…


  3. RocKwiz was awesome!!! Can't wait to actually see it when it airs!
    So fun! and granted, being an American there, and not knowing half the artist, still awesomeness!! 😀


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