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*finally. on holiday…

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas! I’ve chatted with the family back home, and yes, I am jealous they had a white Christmas – Jacob and I had our first Christmas alone… with Timmy of course! It was lovely!

My stay-cation started with a new van Hulst Christmas eve tradition… Tandoori Chicken that Jacob marinated for 2 days and popped on the BBQ. Very nice! We decorated our mini-tree and watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (one of the 2 best Christmas movies ever, only tied with A Christmas Story). We were also visited by the Christmas Huntsman… Bahhh!!!(Apologizes for the iPhone pics on this one… )

And sweet little Timmy fell asleep waiting for Santa….

Christmas morning is for sleeping in. But saw my xmas pressie from Jacob. Yay!!! New big canvases! And some adorable artwork he mastered on the plastic covering. I almost don’t want to use them and ruin his artwork!! I crocheted him a neck warmer with some nice merino wool and some sweet old vintage US Navy sailor buttons I had. I’m going to make myself one. I love it!

We had a few soy flat whites, a few mimosas with super freshly squeezed orange juice (thanks to Jenny’s xmas gift from about 10 years ago, yes, my fancy 1950’s orange juice maker..), a couple crossiants with my homemade cherry plum jam.. and then Jacob went nuts in the kitchen… Eggs with Gravalax and onions and chili. Oh goodness – Yum!!!

They rest of the day we lounged, went for a walk around the park with Timmy. Then came back to make dinner, Bugs!!!! I made some potato salad and peach salsa. Yes, we basically just pigged out all day!


I spent some time later in the day with my camera around the house. The light was perfect and I couldn’t resist.

Jacob scored heaps of fruit from a friend… Fruit salad, stewed applesauce, and the cherry plums from the tree in the front yard…
 We played Rummy on Xmas Eve – proof I won!
Timmy’s new hobby. Chewing books. Ugh.
And my catching up on the crochet projects. Including Jacob’s xmas gift.

Anyway. Back to doing some domesticness that is catching up on laundry and grey-watering the garden.

2 thoughts on “*finally. on holiday…

  1. I'd just like to point out that I actually won that card game at 500 but we kept playing to 1000 by which time I was far to drunk to comprehend the situation 😉


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