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*Rose Street Market – Part 1

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day!!! ❤

Jacob got me some very cool Barrel of Monkey earrings and some nice handmade non-soap soap. I made some yummy prawn alfredo pasta for dinner… it was a good day. I took a couple photos and if I wasn’t so forgetful, I’d have them up by now.

Anywho. The Market went well on Saturday! Even with the rain and chill in the air. Thank you Marky for the giant cafe umbrella, even with the leaks, we would have been much worse off without it!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! 

 Woodrow, a friend of Aida’s took a couple shots – he’s much quicker than I with the uploading.. Thanks!!!!

Aida and I after the rain
Scary zombie mannequin. Creepy as!
Aida modeling one of my lovely neck warmers.
Cutest market visitor!!
Thanks Woodrow for the shots!!
Once I am back at my computer, I’ll have more images of the stall and goods. Can’t wait for the next installment of the Market this weekend!! Hope for no rain and sunny skies!

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