*five sleeps

until I leave for a little trip to the US!!

I’ve had to check with all of the baggage allowances for about 4 different airlines.. what a hassle! I’ll have to pack light, which normally isn’t a problem, but is it really necessary to charge $50 USD if the ONE bag you are allowed to take on is over 23 kg? It’s so frustrating! I know I will be coming back with heaps of stuff as I’ll be hitting all the old hometown Salvo’s and Goodwills. I guess it’s probably cheaper than shipping things back though. Hmmm… 23kg of vintage clothes… I guess it’s not THAT bad 🙂

I was travelling quite often about 10-12 years ago and not having to pay for luggage. Not having to pay for peanuts and soft drink. And not having to pay a million dollars for a quick cross country flight. I know I’m really starting to sound like my Grampa.. back in MY day.. Yeah, I know. But honestly, I’d be happy to pay more if the service was better, if the staff was nicer and there was better time management with flights.

Sorry this is me having a whinge.

Anyway. I’m so excited to see the the family! One of my best girlfriends is making a quick trip out to visit as well! So excited! Haven’t seen her since her wedding last year, and haven’t seen my family since my wedding almost 2 years ago. And then the family in Chicago… I haven’t seen them in two and half years! Time flies.

I still love these photos… They are probably about 6 years old now! At least! I love my family. Miss them heaps!


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