*on blogging…

Here it is.
A blog about blogging. Or rather the obligatory “Why I Blog” post.

I was scanning some random blogs this morning on my tea break and found some of those questions that I always used to answer on my blogs – you know the ones. How many tattoos do you have? A few (understatement) Favourite drink? Soy flat white (or a good red) Do you regret anything? I’m not going there… You get the idea.

But one I came across that made me think was “Why do you blog?”


I’ve been writing my whole life. Mostly journals and short stories from the time I was 13. When I was 21, I began writing more than ever, about anything and anyone. A friend helped me set up a web page, as xredeemedx, to start publishing my random thoughts. I was so emo. So straightedge. There are no two ways about it. I lived alone at the time. I would spend all night writing and listening to music until my eyes were swollen from crying or until the sun came up. I would then take a walk to the river, get a coffee and sit on the dock and breath in the new day.

It was therapy I suppose. I had just lost my dad, had a couple bad break ups and lots of broken hearts. It was my outlet. I didn’t keep it up as much as I would have liked, but whenever I started to feel myself slip into the deep end, I would let my toes sink in for a short while, let the sadness envelop me and write for a couple days. But never enough to send me off to the loony bin.

As years have gone on, and as I have moved about a million times, further and further away from my family and friends, I still write. Mostly to let them know what’s happening. I guess it’s gone from writing normal emotional poems and journals to a normal posting of daily nonsense in hopes to make myself famous. Right?

Anywho. Long live xredeemedx! My alter-emo-ego.

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