*the long weekend

Is it really almost over??? So sad. But I was able to do heaps of stuff around the house. Cleaned. Rearranged my office. Did a little sewing. Lots of crocheting. I should have been drawing, but wasn’t in the mood. Watched a lot of Rugby.. not happy about the Hurricane’s game, but I’ll survive.

Here are the random bits I did…

Got my toys together.

And painted some old frames.
The ‘after’ is much nicer now.

Fixed one of Timmy’s old toys..

He’s a happy boy now!

Worked on the Granny Square Monster Blankie.

And organised like mad…

And went a little nuts with the Blue Tack and some dodgy old samples from work. 
I love being able to use things that would just get thrown away.(*)

And last but not least.

Taking advantage of the fact it’s still semi-warm enough to hang out the laundry. 

*So. Yeah. My work and a few other companies, I’m noticing, have so much wastage. I work with a few companies that go through constant retail display changeovers and the materials just go to waste. It’s been really doing my head in. I’m not sure if I could ever do anything to change this, but at least I can take advantage of the throw away materials. Whether it be old samples, paper nobody will use, vinyl material that if misprinted, would just get chucked out. I’m trying… but having fun with it. 


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