*our boys

So far so good on the new dog front! 

Timmy has slowly chilled out about Bruce. But Bruce being the 9 month old puppy he is, will probably drive Timmy to drink soon! Bruce is pretty hyper sometimes. But now morning as I get ready for work, I’ll be doing my make up or my hair to the delightful noise of “runrunrunrunrun” “runrunrunrunrun” past the bathroom door. Then about 5 seconds later, “runrunrunrunrun” “runrunrunrunrun”. This goes on for about 20 minutes straight. All you can see is a flash of black and white, followed by a flash of ginger! It’s so funny. I will get it on video on of these days!!

*Bruce & Timmy*
I can’t wait until Bruce gets to start his training! We go to Planet K9 over in North Melbourne. We have been taking Timmy there for Agility Training for while now, so, of course, young Bruce will be heading there for basic training. The entire staff there is lovely and patient! 
If you live in Melbourne, check out their training schedule…

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