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Lately, the day job has really gotten to me. The last few weeks have been so full on – client issues, staff issues, people just being hard to deal with in general – everything you’ve ever wanted as an account/ project manager.


But the last few days have really been a switch and it’s got my blood pumping and some ideas moving! I’m actually pretty happy with my job. “What??” you say?? You know it. I’ve been at the same company for almost two and a half years and for once I finally feel like I can accomplish something instead of just 8 hours of putting out fires.

I never once in my life thought I’d like having a normal job. You know, the type where sometimes you feel like nothing more than a receptionist, but also having to juggle about 3 other jobs at once. Yeah. But the best part about it, when I go home, I can be 100% creative. I don’t exhuast myself trying to be creative all day like I used to when I was a full time photographer. There is a calm peace that overcomes me now, which I love. I can sit on the couch with J and the boys and have my pencils there and do some shading, some colour work, whatever I feel like. It also turns my brain off from work things as well. It’s one of the best feelings for me…

Yay 🙂 Life is getting good!


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