Recovery Day 2

I know I should probably be more sleepy than I am. And I know by the end of my two weeks, I’ll be going something fierce along the lines of stir-crazy. But hey, who can argue with wanting to get a couple loads of laundry done and some vacuuming.. It’s not all bad.
Anyway. From what seems to be a successful septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery, everything is going pretty normal. My face is a lovely amount of swollen, my eyes have NOT gone black and blue yet, fingers crossed they won’t. My nose is like a dripping faucet, a combination of blood and whatever else has decided to join it’s presence. I know. Gross. It feels like I have a really really bad head cold. It’s weird and extremely hard to stop myself from blowing my nose. Or sniffing. Or anything.
The headaches I can do without. It’s like I’ve had a hangover for the past two days now. Headaches, slightly on the migraine side of it. Light is tricky, sounds need to be low. But my ears feel plugged up at the same time. Oh the dilemmas.
J notice last night, that my nose is slightly straighter. Which is kind of cool. Once the swelling goes down, it will probably be more noticeable, but to see it already is pretty funny. My nose was always just sort of smooched to one side. Which of course was part of the problem – ya know – breathing and all…
Anyway. As I am starting to figure out, the screen on my computer can only be dealt with in small doses, that is my cue to get some more Panadol and juice.
Thanks everyone who has been keeping me in their thoughts!!! 
I can’t even begin to thank you all!

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