Recovery Day 3

The packs in my nose are dissolving.
Hideous. Just absolutely disturbing.
I desperately want to blow my nose. And the best part??? The right side – aka the side I could breathe out of is breaking down first. After all this and I still have yet to breathe out of my left side… sigh* I’m sure it will improve. But you know me, too damn impatient.
The headaches are getting to be only slightly less annoying. I still have to pop a good four Panadol a day, along with the antibiotics, and my regular meds.
But something good – because I can barely taste anything, I’ve cut a lot of the sugar and salt out of my diet. Not to mention, I haven’t drank any alcohol. What’s the fun of drinking wine, cider, beer or port if you can’t even taste it?? Well, hold on.. I know the answer to that. But you know what I mean.
Fingers crossed I’ll be good to leave the house for a short time tomorrow to do some grocery shopping and maybe go with the boys to the park if it’s nice enough.
Sorry for the boring as posts. This is what happens when I’m house-bound…

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