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Recovery Day who knows…

Last week I went into my surgeon’s to have him take out all of the extra bits and pieces left in my nose.. Gross! And Ouch! But as soon as he was done, I could actually breath in and out of the left nostril! I know it sounds stupid, but holy cheese and crackers! What have I been missing all these years!
That’s what I get for playing sports… getting kicked in the face with soccer cleats when I was goalie, playing a forward for basketball and getting smacked in the face how many times, a bit of volleyball, lacrosse…
And let’s not forget the amount of mosh pits and stage diving… I can’t believe I waited so long!
Anyway, it all good in the hood…Bruising from the accident has mostly subsided, but still having problems with my foot, but I expected that. And the bruise from my IV has finally started to fade. Exciting times, I tell ya!
J is still working on the aquaponics system. He’s in the business of tweaking and fine tuning like a madman. And I know he is getting a little annoyed, but he’ll get there in the end.
The last couple weeks I’ve had off from work due to the accident and surgery, so I’ve been able to play house-wife. Its been a nice change from the chaos and stress at work. I’ve been drawing for the upcoming show and have made a lot of progress. I have about 10 drawings ready to be framed. I’m pretty happy with them. I would like to bust through another 5 in the next few weeks. We’ll see though. It’s tough to get something that I am truly happy with.
I think I’m enjoying drawing again, fully. Much more so than photography. Photography always seemed too easy. I look at the ratio of good photos to bad versus the good drawings to bad and I know I still can progress a lot more in my drawing and that is what seems to be driving me.
Anyway. Loving it!
So Happy Monday!

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