My first week back on the bike!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I’m so happy! This has been my first week back on my fabulous bike after my accident. I’ve been taking easier than I would like – riding to work in the morning and PTing most of the way home out of the city – but it’s amazing… I love the feeling of the wind and being outside in the mornings.

My new bell is louder than ever and I love it! Check out the Cycle Style shop if you can. They have some very lovely things for your ride… Especially the bags! But I’m a sucker for useful bags.

Anywho, not sure what the plans are for the weekend, but you should go and check out our show at the Brunswick Street Gallery! It’s going for one more week! It all goes so fast, doesn’t it..

I’ve started thinking about a few new projects I’d like to get started on, but one step at a time.

Well, have a good weekend all!! and thank you to everyone for their support this past week!

cute solar-powered girl on a bike about to run into a giant bubble

pyörätyttö - a bicycle and a girl

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