Giving Thanks…..

It’s Thanksgiving today…

I’m missing my family…

Missing my Gramma’s Turkeyday Feast….
Missing having a four day weekend….
I love you and miss you all!!
But I am looking forward to our own version of Thanksgiving tonight!!
Turkey Burgers on the BBQ.
Root Veggie Chips.
Cranberry and Blue Cheese toppings.
Duncan’s Pecan Pie.
And *fingers crossed* my first ever Pumpkin Pie from actual pumpkin (aka not from the can!)
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Americana Counterparts! Love you all heaps! Miss you all more!

One thought on “Giving Thanks…..

  1. I just received your Christmas Card in the mail, it is so beautiful! I've been hiding in bed with a cold all day and it totally made my day.
    Then I looked at your etsy store and was happily surprised to see your beautiful photos of NZ (my homeland) which I'm missing at the moment.
    Have a lovely Christmas!


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