Herby Goodness!

At first, J thought I was nuts… 

A small collection of jars. A medium collection of jars. 
Now, a massive collection, being used to make herb infused oils, tinctures, salves, astringent toners, hair tonics, and soon – SOAP and LOTIONS!

One of the best parts about this whole process, all of the herbs I’m using are from our garden! That is one of the most satisfying parts. Really! (That and using my awesome Lemon Balm and Lavender Toner! Heavenly!)
Since we have had so much rain in the last few months – Summer? What Summer? – everything has gone being going crazy in the garden! We have tomatoes that have mysteriously appeared, as well as some pumpkins and zucchinis that are almost the size of the calf… a couple different kinds of beans, cucumbers, the list goes on!
This year, I was so lucky to have a good base of herbs. The mint was already going crazy in a bed, but I transferred it to an old lemon tree pot and it’s taken off even better than before. It’s so healthy and loves to be cut back. The lemon balm, calendula, and the lavender are doing beautifully. The rosemary and thyme coming along nicely for their first season. Even the Goji Berry plant has finally shown us some life – and some berries!
This is been one of the BEST growing seasons in ages! I hope everyone else has had great success as well!

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