You have a memo…

Dear Motorists, 

For God’s sake, can you please look before you open your car doors? Please? Seriously. Your thought process may need to be something along these line..

Hmm. I wonder if there is a cyclist coming up behind me, as I am parked along the bike path. Let me look in my rear-view mirror just to be sure. Ok, here comes someone – wait two – ok. I can open my door now since there are no cyclists and won’t put them in danger of swerving and getting hit by a car.

Wow thanks Motorist, for checking before you kick your door open into traffic and not attempting to kill me under a tram. You are awesome.

Dear Our Sweet Little House in Brooklyn,
I can’t wait to see you! I’m counting down days… Please stay up on the hill and don’t fall down. I know all these earthquakes in New Zealand are scary, but you are an older, gentler, kinder house that was built when houses were built properly, we have no doubt you will be ok, but keep in mind… We love you!

With love,

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