I don’t want a pickle… Just wanna ride on my Bicycle…

After a few moments of complete frustration and yelling at the television at my work’s local café and Jacob getting knocked off his bike earlier this week by a car (he’s fine, just scrapes and bruises), I thought this was an appropriate selection of Etsy finds…
via SweetRide

The Channel Nine’s Mornings with Kerri-Anne has a few things to answer for. Not only has she blatantly been against cyclists in her past episodes, but today seemed to be a repeat of her appalling opinions against cyclists all over again.

Again, she and her panel are trying to prove that cyclists don’t pay for roads and quite a few other issues that have nothing to do with cyclists. If cyclists paid for regos and had number plates, that still doesn’t account for the fact that people break the law. And the idea that motorists take account for their actions is complete bullshit. *pardon the french*

…if cyclists expect other road users to give way we should reciprocate by following the road rules. In the midst of the Tour Down Under I was very disappointed to see an amateur team sail through a red light, no doubt in a desperate bid to get to their coffee venue. If we can’t be bothered why should everyone else – except, of course, the cyclist will come off worse. Jonathan Miller, Adelaide SA via Australian Cyclist.

I think EVERYONE needs to play by the rules, there are laws in place for a reason. Whether it’s running red lights, wearing helmets, or having a bell, they all need to be followed.

Anyway, I’ve been too angry to write about this propaganda whoring, but you can check out the finer points of many shared opinions here from a past show where she claims the same ideas. As well as here for a good opinion email about common courtesy.

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Anywho. That’s all the angry I can deal with on a Friday. 
Have a good weekend and Be Safe!

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