The Boys

Our boys, Timmy & Bruce, aka The Basenji Brothers.
One of the highlights of my day, is getting home from work after a 45 minute bike ride and being greeted by two very lovey boys. (And a bigger lovey boy, aka Jacob) They are troublemakers in their own right. 
Timmy has a fondness for chewing anything paper, pens, books, (watch your homework kids!) and has a habit of making monkey sounds from the parcel tray when we go for rides. He’s a bit scared of bigger, darker dogs, and no he’s not racist.. just a bit unsure. But we love him either way…
Bruce is a bit bow-legged but runs like a whippet when he wants to. Hmmm. “When he wants to…” pretty much explains Bruce. He’s started to mellow out as he gets older and FINALLY enjoys a good cuddle. He also enjoys eating poo and anything that fall on the floor in the kitchen. (Hey, no man is perfect!) He’s the peace-keeper at the dog park, never afraid to lay down the law with other misbehaving dogs. 
It makes me happy to think that in less than an hour – I’ll have two dogboys wagging and jumping to greet me at the door! 
I love our little nuggets! 

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