Fill in the blank Friday!

Sometimes the simple things are all you need to get motivated again!!!

1. The last thing I ate one of those amazing creme filled doughnuts from Almost French… Pure Heaven for the one minute it takes for me to eat it.

2. The next thing I’d like to eat is something healthy I hope. As good as that doughnut was, it was all sorts of wrong!

3. The best things are free… Love, family, friends! 

4. Something that makes me supremely and utterly happy is planning for the big NZ move and life after that. 
5. Sports are a not-so-secret love for me. I love watching most sports, especially the Rugby. I don’t even have to watch a lot, but having it on in the background is somehow comforting. Odd I know.
6. I miss my family back in the US. My dear dear friends. My father. Samantha. Stevie.

7. Right now I am trying to keep warm in front of a heater and craving another doughnut…

Have a good weekend! Be safe and play nice!!!

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