The Wardrobe of Doom!

As I was getting dressed yesterday morning, I made the comment to Jacob, something of the lines of – Why must all my clothes feel like they are falling apart? 
As I put on my favorite pair of pirate argyles socks (yes, pirate argyles), I realised that besides the hole in the side (where our faithful nugget, Timmy, once took out his aggression on preppy pirates everywhere) each of the heels were completely worn through. I then put on a pair of massively scuffed boots, which were flagged as ‘vegan’ because they were made completely out of synthetic / man-made materials. 

Insert big sigh here. Don’t get me started…

The last few months, I’ve become more and more aware of the things I’ve been buying – trying to make the least impact as possible on the plant, and as little impact on my wallet. But with all of this in mind, I am still haunted by the Ghost of Impulse-Purchases Past.. One thing that I have learned is – the better care you take of your things, the longer they will last. But when your closet is sometimes full of bargain-basement dresses made in various countries that you’ve never been to, the guilt starts to unravel, just like hems on those cheaply made fabrics. Later that day, Jacob had sent me a link to a news article that said exactly what I have been thinking!

“Large (fashion and clothing) corporations are looking for ways to make money, so they create a need, where this isn’t one, I don’t think.” Flint believes that to fight this created need and to help save our planet, we should buy fewer clothes, be aware of where and how our clothes are made, and make the clothes that we own last longer.

Thank you! 

My mom reckons that even when I was a kid, I would buy second hand clothing, not because I understood why or where it came from, but because I was always into older styles. And being the youngest of 3 sisters – almost everything I had, was second hand. Gotta love the pre-loved hand-me-downs! But the last couple years, I’ve been limited for trips to the Salvos and other Op-Shops, which I’m seeing now as REALLY taking its toll. 
image via flipandstyle
It’s time to get back to reality. It’s time to get back to thrifting good quality items. It’s time to get back to my sewing machine and learn properly how to mend and sew with amazing fabrics!

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