Recycling Jars.

I have a serious problem.
(Well, according to Jacob.)

I love jars.
I collect them (sort of).
I have a stash of them.
I use them everyday.

Ok, maybe it’s not a serious problem. But I love finding ways to reuse jars. Whether it’s putting some chopped herbs in them to keep on the window sill, making a tonic or a tincture, bringing them to the shop to cut down on our plastic bag usage. I use them for storing buttons, paintbrushes, pencils, the list goes on…

Ok, maybe compulsive, since I can’t bear to put any in the recycle bin. And when I do, it’s heartbreaking.
Yeah. Compulsive.

I have found though, salsa jars are by far by favourite for everyday use.They are perfect for :

  • Making Bath Salts
  • Gifting Jams and Preserves
  • Storing small quantity things like homemade teas and small amounts of herbs
And my new happy solution – the perfect container for bring homemade yogurt to work! It’s especially good to throw into the bike basket, because the lid will stay on heaps better than those old nasty plastic containers!
My yogurt from morning tea devoured. 

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