Happy Book Lovers Day!

There is a day for everything! But this is one of the best! How can you NOT love Book Lovers Day!!!
I’m one of those admitted Book Addicts. I’m ok with it. When I lived in the US and was in the loveliness of a great economy, I used to buy a book a week. Now, I have to be a little more fickle about what I buy, but my local library is one of my favourite places to be.
And yes, I love looking through Amazon and getting wish lists together… *Sigh.*
Books are awesome!
At the moment, I have a couple books going on that I’ve been switching back and forth between.

You gotta love some good old fiction and mystery!

Of course, there are about a million reference books I have on my shelf at any one moment. Cookbooks, How To’s, Art books for ideas and motivation…

via soseptember
So, what is everyone reading???

And for those addicts like me – Some visual book “inspiration” …

via photos.500px.com 
Yes, Peace. Love. & Books.

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