Leftovers… Fabric that is!

A few weeks back I decided that, as a family, we should be civilised and have some handy napkins to use at dinner. And as I’ve been trying to make an effort to finish projects, get rid of fabric and wool and art supplies I won’t need, (which is harder than you may think) I decided to make some napkins!

Nothing like fancy flamingos and palm tree prints!!
So, I cut out a heavy card for a template approx 13×13 inches and cut all the napkins to be around the same size. Then pinned down and ironed out all the hems at about 5mm or a quarter of an inch.. That right there is enough to drive you bonkers. (BONKERS!) So tedious, but once that is done, all you need is a simple stitch and ta da! Look ma! Clean faces! and hands!

about a 5mm hem on all sides, pressed over twice and stitch!
Yeah, I know. My stitching is far from perfect, but it’s done with love!
I’ve been slowing collecting old dress shirts of Jacob’s, some old pyjamas that I love the print but can’t bare throwing them away, and lots of other red and light blue fabrics. The goal… A quilted duvet cover for our king size doona/duvet! According to my calculations… (geeeeeeeeek warning)
I’m going to need a lot more squares!!!! Damn!
Any other ideas for using up scrap fabric? 
I’d love to here your ideas!!

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