On the home stretch..

This week has been a mix of emotions, organised chaos, packing, cleaning and catching up with heaps of people.
Since my last of work last Friday, it’s been nonstop. Farewell drinks after farewell drinks after farewell drinks, followed by a Farewell Party here at the house. I think my liver has seen better days. Monday and Tuesday were filled with some full on organizing and cleaning. Basically, waking up at 6 am, straight out of bed to running around the house, blasting through rooms making sure everything was ready and cleaned for the removalists coming on Wednesday. 
And, far out! Thank you Crown Removalists! You guys are awesome! I was so happy and impressed with the way they packed and itemized everything… Sort of strangely inspiring for those like me who are a bit compulsive about those things. 
Jacob and the web of cords.

More stuff to be packed. 

Oh Shetland Ave. We will miss you!


Our container has arrived! You guys sure everything will fit????

See?! Awesome packing job guys!

And there goes our things… See you in Wellington!!

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