Our new home…

After a couple heart-wrenching days, we have all arrived here in Wellington, safely, in one piece, a little tired and confused, but so happy!
I was absolutely heart broken when our lovely little dog-boys were picked up in Melbourne by Barry from JetPets. Seriously. They had barely driven away before I completely lost it and broke down into tears in the front yard. But in less than 36 hours, I was so happy again to see those little curly, wagging tails! Thank you to everyone who made their journey easier than I could have imagined. They are now happy and mostly settled into their new home, new city and making new mates at the dog park. Also, they get on with their cousin Lucy like a house on fire!!! Wednesday, the 3 of them met up at the dog park and then were kindly invited over to dinner up at Auntie Lisa, Uncle Paul, and Cousin Etta and Lucy’s for some hangout time. They have been having a blast!

T. Dog and B. Ruce’s first trip to the local dog park. So many new mates!!!
And so the living and working begins at Laura Ave. Over the last few days, we’ve been trying to clean up the inside and attempting to get rid of the musty smells. Considering the house has been a rental for ages, there is actually A LOT of work to be done. Little things that are fairly easy fixes haven’t been touched and the garden and porches are overrun by ivy. The back of the house, where we had some new drainage install to stop the damp and land slips from the hill haven’t been cleared. Little things.


Monkey-boy Jakey!! Watch out for that… powerline.

Almost made it to the back of the shed.

The ivy and wisteria have completely overtaken the shed. Inside and out.

The overgrown wisteria is down! Mostly.

Apparently, we have a fence!

Slightly cleared, but in serious need of some mulching.

Some well deserved Hell Pizza and beer. Nice stubby holder!

Monday, Jacob will be going back to work and I’ll be here doing more cleaning, filling nail holes, all that fun stuff.

Thank goodness for coffee and our first yummy breakfasts. 
The camping life.

Again thank you to everyone who has made our move and transition easy. Especially to Jacob’s family and sister Lisa who was amazing to set up the Rocket (coffee machine) and hooked us up with a few essentials so we could live like humans in an otherwise completely vacant house.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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