An afternoon in the kitchen..

After a bit of a windy, hilly walk with the dog-boys and a quick stop off to the fish and chip shop, I came home to a free afternoon to do some cooking. 
We’ve been trying out a couple different organics deliveries and had a couple problems with the one we liked, but we are back to using Commonsense Organics which have been good in a pinch. After some rearranging of fruit and veg, I realised that we’ve had a lot of citrus to use. So… out with the good old Juice-O-Matic!!! 

This is my favourite kitchen tool ever! I think I’ve had it since I was about 21. I have my lovely high-school friend to thank. She would be the one that got me interested in antiques and all things vintage. One year for Christmas, I decided to seek out an old juicer for her. For some reason in my mind, it had to be red and chrome and stylish beyond all reason. After about two weeks of searching all the local shops, I found it! It was gorgeous and I was secretly gutted to have to part with it. 
When Christmas came around, we exchanged gifts and I was so excited for her to open her fancy juicer! She opened it, looked at me, laughed, told me to open my gift. I opened it to find something red, chrome and stylish beyond all reason! Yes… it was the Juice-O-Matic!
How funny.. we had basically sought out and purchased the same gifts for each other. But of course, at that age, we were completely convinced we were psychically connected, could read each others minds and thought dating twins was the best idea we had ever had. We were awesome in our early-twenty-somethings.
Anyway, the rest of my afternoon was something completely new! I made fresh pasta for the first time! 

Fresh homemade pasta, homemade sauce and meatballs! So yum! It was one of those moments where I was rather proud of myself! Making pasta is a bit liberating!
I’ll have to have a few more attempts at it until I’m completely comfortable with it, but if you have a pasta maker, use it!!

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