More Tin Ceilings!

It is finally – FINISHED!
It all looks seriously amazing! Such a difference compared to the 1980’s wood panelled Swiss Chalet look! Here are some progress photos!

Quite a difference!
Dining Room Done!
Templates for crown moulding – the saviour pieces.
Done and done!
Repainted the dining room lighting – Really done!
Sunlight reflecting through the room! Love!
The living room was tackled a little bit differently than the dining room. We decided to primer all of the panels first, instead of after they were tacked to the ceiling. It was so much easier. So instead of 3 coats of primer/paint and throwing out our shoulders and necks, we only had to do one. 
We are so happy with the way everything turned out! The tin really fits into our 1900’s home. It really looks amazing and opens the rooms up in a different way. The patterns have worked out nicely and I love the simplicity of it. 
I will say as well, Jean from Heritage Ceilings was so amazing and helpful! Check out her site! She has worked on some really great projects that will inspired you!
Thanks from Jacob and I to Jean, Hamish and Paul for all of your help – and loan of tools to finish the job!!
Much Love !

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