Remember that table?

So now for a little while, we’ve been using this amazing amazing table…

All built my the amazing Jacob. Part recycled gymnasium floor with the free-throw line, part rimu posts from someone’s old decking, lots of glue and lots of nails and a whole lot of sanding!

Putting the top together, and hand carved-planed posts magically turn into legs!
Timmy, give us a size reference. Thanks!
Sanding and planing the top. 
Framed and looking quite posh!
So proud of this guy! (sigh-love!)
Ok Bruce. Your turn.
The legs going on!!! Woooh!

A few more coats of varnish to go!

Done and looking completely amazing!
The table seats eight, but a Chili-Cook-Off with about a dozen rad peeps, no problems!

Not bad for Jacob’s first major wood-working project, huh?! It looks so amazing! The amount of work that went into this, I feel like I’ll never quite know, but I know he worked his cute butt off. Seriously. Work of art. And mostly from recycled timber and such!

I’m still so impressed! 

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