Art History via the childhood…

When I was rather young, maybe about 5 or 6 years old, I went with my family to the Brooklyn Fair. We went every year, and usually multiple times through out the fair. The rides and the games, the people selling trippy black light posters and so called Native American fashion aka feathers with a clip to attach to your braids or hats, or rather for other things that I won’t mention here.. Most years I would enter something in the Art competition for my age group and my sister would enter in something in the agriculture department, like a giant zucchini or something. Or a rabbit or a chicken. There was always cool things like that. 
One year, in an attempt to win a mirror with a print of a unicorn for one of the many games I’d play with my purchased tickets, but the vendor gave me something else. It was a poster print of a girl. Being 6 or so, I thought it was strange. It was a portrait of a girl with what I saw to be a fish pinned in her hair. Huh? Yeah exactly, little kid brain.
Just recently, I saw the image again. It is truly beautiful. 
I’m thankful that some carny gave this to me as a kid. It’s always the oddballs like that make those weird ever-lasting impressions. 

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