Children · The Twin Life

Happy Spring!


First BBQ of the season!

Well, the weather was warmer for about 2 days and hopes for an early spring warmed the hearts of all of us here in Wellington, then reality struck. The temp has dropped back down to a lovely 3C overnight. Oh well.

I finally feel like life is slowly coming back into control. Our boys are sleeping through the night, sometimes. But for the first time in 9 months, maybe longer including pregnancy, have I felt somewhat human again! Amazing what 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep can do for the soul…

We’ve had quite a journey the last year. We’ve made it this far, amazingly, just by doing what every other new parent in history has done – winging it! Yes, research helped. Books, chatting to other parents, classes (some that paid off in the long run, some not) but most of the time we just go with our gut. You figure out what’s best for them as you go. And as we didn’t have any children before these two and didn’t have ANY prior experience, sometimes you question yourself, which is probably the worst mistake.

But for now, here is to surviving the winter and looking forward to seeing more tulips in our yard along with warmer sunny days. Hello Spring!


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