Heartbreak called Bruce.

Beyond heartbreak. Beyond sad.

We have, so sadly, made the descion to re-home our beloved Bruce. Even just writing that sentence has made me break down in tears. I think it’s the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make.

We found Bruce, then known as Henry, at the Lost Dog’s Home when we lived in Melbourne. We needed a playmate for Timmy when we worked during the day and not long after Jacob found Bruce on their website. We were stoked to see that he was part Baseji like Timmy and his photo really made me smile.

Riding to the beach!

We went to see him at the Home and I totally fell in love. He was so cute and soft and such a nuggety little dude, he was perfect. He and Timmy got on like brothers do. Adventuring out together at the dog parks, going for walks, sleeping next to each other and rumbling like true siblings.

He was 7 months old at the time. And still such a puppy.

Cooking lessons

4 years later, he is still the Scrappy-Do he has always been. After moving to NZ, we started going to a new dog park where he is a hit among the dogs. Everyone loves Bruce and remembers his name.

Timmy & Bruce

Now, with Hendrik and Willem here with us, sadly we are unable to give him the amount of attention he actually needs. Timmy has adjusted, but Bruce struggles.

Loving the sunshine

If you know of someone in Wellington or somewhere close that would be able to give Bruce the love and attention he craves, please let us know. He needs to go to the right person/family.

Sylie & Hugo helping Bruce with his wardrobe

He is about 5 years old now. He’s a Basenji and Jack Russell mix. Chipped and up to date on all of his vaccinations. We is registered with the WCC until next year.

I am so unbelievable heartbroken having to write this. But we have to do what is best for our beloved Bruce…



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