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It’s been a week of..

Over a week has gone by since Bruce moved in with his new family. I chatted with them Friday and it sounds like he is doing well. We are all having to adjust I guess. Timmy has been a slightly different dog since Bruce left. I think he’s just happy to be the only-dog-child. For example, we all went to pick up Jacob from work, me, the boys and Timmy. Timmy walked with us slowly up the steps, off lead, followed us to the car and happily jumped into the boot. I don’t think he would have done that if Bruce was tagging along. It’s an adjustment, but we are getting on slowly.
It’s also been a week of Willem crawling! He’s taken a few days to get the hang of it, but is rocketing around the house now. Now that he’s moving as well, he’s been following Hendrik from room to room, Hendrik’s little shadow. But they are starting to play together which is awesome! I’ve been sneaking in on them playing and chatting to each other, kicking their feet in sync to crazy little tunes on their toys.

Strangely, with only one dog and the boys keeping themselves busy, I’m actually finding time to do things around the house and finishing them! Cooking has stepped up a notch! I’m loving it more than ever. Mexican pumpkin soup, potato and onion frittata, and my new love it bread making!

Well, more on that soon!



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