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Merry Merry Christmas one and all!

What a lovely holiday we have had here in Wellington! Christmas Eve day was spent waiting for Jacob to finish a short work day, listening to christmas songs, and reading The Night Before Christmas!

Christmas Eve was pretty icky weather, rainy most of the day, gusting winds, but Jacob being a brave cook, headed out to the BBQ for some tandoori chicken and an oven roasted terakihi for the fam. Odd combo, but so yummy!

Our first whole fish! Love it! And I think we’ll be seeing more of them! The rest of the evening was getting ready for a lovely Christmas… Washing hand-me-down wooden blocks, decorating chalkboard toy boxes that Jacob built, drinking wine and snacking on mince pies.

So, the next morning…

Then off to Auntie Lisa’s for an amazing day of feasting, beautiful weather, and warm family fuzzies…

Santa Etta
Silas opening a rather important gift from Opa
Monkeys all around!
Hendrik loves his monkey!
Timmy may be a bit over Christmas…
Cheese of the addictive variety
Etta’s Adventures in Cheese Appreciation
Opa and Silas
Yes. Turducken.
Layer upon layer upon layer….
Thank you Lisa, Paul and Jeremy for an amazing meal!
And somehow I ended up on the wrong side of the camera. A rare sight.
A little playtime before…
… an beautiful Christmas dessert!

We hope everyone has had an amazing holiday filled with joy, love, family and the warmth of summer!



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