The Great Pantry Purge of 2014!

Happy Friday everyone! 
Slowly, oh so slowly, I have been TRYING to declutter the house. Yeah, very slowly. But in an afternoon, mostly while the boys slept, I was able to clean out our pantry and it was so satisfying! 
First task : Empty it! Granted I had hoped to have a completely empty pantry, but had to go halves as I didn’t have enough bench space to keep everything. There was that much chaos!
Second task : Clean it. Get rid of cobwebs. Dust. Wipe it all down. CLEAN!
Third : Get rid of the things that were past their use by date. Which surprisingly, wasn’t as much as I thought. Good to know we have a decent pantry rotation! 
Four : Make a list of the things going BACK in and find a way to have it all make sense! Spices and jars of bulk goods in alphabetical order. Baking things together. Noodles and pasta, canned goods. Excess bulk out of the way… 
Five : Start again from the other side!  
And the finished result………

I love our pantry. It still needs a bit more bits and pieces. More spice jars, a plastic bag holder, maybe a proper built in wine rack eventually. But it’s so much better already!
For me the key was – show the things you love! Show the things that inspire you and make you want to spend more time there (and not just to hide away from two crazy toddlers!!!)
Have a good weekend!!!

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