Happy Friday!!! (and fruit picking!!)

Today, it’s just strange. Apparently there is a cyclone on it’s way and you can just feel it in the atmosphere. A chilly breeze from the north, a humidity you can see in the air. It’s all quiet except for the cicadas. So while we have the chance, today was spent outside for a long long time. Because I’m sure the next few days will be relentless and horrible with two bored and ansty beasts running around. Yikes!
Lately, the boys want to go outside a lot. I think mostly to eat the ripening chilean guavas. Dodgy sneaky men! Today I was finally able to get a small handful to save for Jacob and me. They are sooooooo tasty! They are a cross between cranberry-blueberry and somewhat tropical. Jacob has done such an amazing job growing them, but sadly the boys seem to have taken over the pruning of them… Hopefully they survive Cyclone Lusi and Cyclones Hendrik and Willem….

Have a good weekend! And stay safe if you’re in New Zealand!!!

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