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Our cleaners are horrible!

They don’t dust properly, they leave a bigger mess than when they started… And vacuuming? Pffffft! All they do is try and play with the attachments. Well, at least I don’t have to pay them very much!

Some of our latest adventures might seem a bit odd. I have been teaching the boys pick up after themselves, put their toys and books away, help empty the dishwasher by handing us forks and spoons and such, dusting, and the latest – handing me pegs and nappies to hang on the air-dryer. 
I think it’s really important for the boys to be involved and while it’s something new and interesting, I’ll be taking full advantage of it! 
When I was growing up, we had our weekly chores that we were expected to do. On Saturdays, as a family, we would have our big clean up day. After cartoons and breakfast, we would dust, wipe down the coffee table and the bookshelves, little things like that. We would move things in the garden when my dad would mow the lawn and move them back again. THEN, we would be allowed to go out and play. I remember going out to feed the dogs, chickens and rabbits when I was fairly young. So, having this in mind, I saw this list and was happy I found it!
To me, it all makes perfect sense. A family is a working unit. Everyone pitches in, everyone helps, and everyone benefits. 
I’d love to know your thoughts!

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