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Suffering for their Art

Some time last year, when the boys and I went to a regular learning playgroup, they had their first go with paints. I was so excited! I imagined them being fascinated, still, natural artists. I watched the other new mums with their 9 month old babies having these beautiful bonding moments over the one thing I looked forward to, almost more than anything. 
Immediately the reality and stress set in. 
While I had Hendrik, someone took Willem, who eventually started to panic and was not a happy camper. So I took Willem, someone else took Hendrik and then Hendrik proceed to try and eat as much paint as possible. 
He was rather upset as you can see. 
I was gutted. I went home in tears and had another cry later that night. Somethings never quite go as planned. Or hoped. Or imagined. This was one of the many moments that went on the list of – “If there was only one”. I’m sure other twin/multiple parents have this list. It’s sort of a sad list. It’s a hard list to forget. There have been many things added to it so far. 
Easy trips around town.
More art time.
More nudey bum time. 
Regular walks on the beach.
Coffee dates.
It goes on.
But as I’ve had to deal with a lot of things I’ve never imagined, I’ve learnt to work around it. Since this time, we’ve had quiet reading time with both boys on my lap. Trips around town, coffee dates, things like that. It’ll all work out in the end. And yes, we even have art time. Of course restrained to high chairs and washable markers, but it’s awesome. 

I know someday that list will be tossed out as the list of  – “So Cool, because there’s TWO!” finally begins to gain momentum. I love this list!
Stay positive! It happens, slowly, but it does happen!
Have a great weekend!!!

One thought on “Suffering for their Art

  1. Having two with very different ages, I do wish they were closer together (now).

    I don't think Mahia likes the taste of paint though… she comes home covered in the stuff – maybe day care remove the evidence before I see her…


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