A plastic-free life…

Is it possible?

It’s something that I would love to achieve. Last week I realised how much our recycling had gone down. We recently started getting raw milk which is delivered in a 10L bucket that gets sent back to the farm every week. And we keep our milk in big glass 2.2L jugs in the fridge.

So that and getting the boys off formula recently (yaaayaayyyyy!) has cut down our fortnightly plastic/metal/paper recycling to one bag instead of two! That’s pretty massive really.

But the question I have at the moment, plastic bags… The ones we do get from the shop are strictly used for rubbish. It seems sort of pointless to have my green bags with me everywhere if I’m still going to need a couple plastic shopping bags anyway! It’s a stupid cycle that we need to break. It’s the fact of the matter that they are STILL going into landfills. Frustrating!

We compost, we recycle, we try and avoid excess packaging, so that’s all working. But we still have rubbish.

Then, I saw this image again recently and I started to wonder…

Yes, she is amazing. Always an idol, but the bin. A newspaper liner? This is what got me thinking. We don’t need plastic bags at all… But what’s the best way to go about this? Using newspaper and those pesky junk mail flyers to line a bin? A washable cotton liner? Or just go without all together?

What are your thoughts? How can we see an end to it?



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