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My future Edward Hopper and René Magritte

After struggling with the idea of managing my twins boys with paint, I finally was able to get the boys painting! I may have cried a wee bit 🙂
My goodness. I was amazed. They LOVED IT! Really LOVED IT! Hendrik was so upset when the session was over. LOVE IT! Seriously, they took to it like a fish to water… 
We used a homemade milk-based paint that I found here.
Basically, it’s sweetened condensed milk and food colouring. That’s it, easy as. As the boys still put everything in their mouths, it was important to be an ‘edible’ recipe. Henk wasn’t into it. Willem didn’t mind the taste. But it was rather tasty 😉 After using it though, I think I need to make a version that doesn’t take 4 days to dry! And it’s so sticky! But mission accomplished. The boys are painting. I’m a happy happy mum.

Happy Friday!
Enjoy the weekend! 

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