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A Week of Toddler Lunches

I wanted to document what we are having for lunch lately. It’s been a pretty awesome change over the last year. There is something so cool about when your kids start eating “people” food. Or grown up food. Or at least a variation of it. Here is what they had last week …
Tuna Melt on Vogel’s Bread with baby cos and capsicum.
Hard boiled egg, hummus, carrot and capsicum, and an apple.
Couscous Fritters, baby cos lettuce and carrot ‘slaw’ with balsamic, and blackcurrant jam
Curry Kumara Puffs, pear, mixed beans and lettuce
*Mousetraps, mandarin, edamame, and mixed beans
Please note the *. This was a very, very special meal. The mousetraps were made by the boys. Mostly. They spread the vegemite on the bread with actual knives, placed the cheese on top, and only ate a few bits of it. They were so interested and excited when I took them out of the oven! It made my day! Also, this was their first day with edamame in their pods. They loved it! It was a bit of a challenge at first, but even today, Willem had the technique down pat! Totally aced it! 
I love that they are so keen to help and watch what is going on in the kitchen. I never remember being that excited, but then again, when I met met Jacob, the only thing I could cook was pasta and red sauce. True story. 
The more I involve them, the more interested they are. The mousetrap making was just awesome to watch. They are naturals in the kitchen! 

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