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Boy-Made Wrapping Paper {Kid Crafts}

We are all about exploiting our children for cheap labour. Willem has taken on the role Lead Laundry Assistant. Most mornings after breakfast, he can be found pulling laundry from the hamper and putting it into the washing machine. He has to have some training in wools vs cotton and darks vs lights, but with time, no problem. Hendrik is now the Lower Dishdrawer Project Manager. If it is clean, those dishes come flying into my hands for putting away faster than anything. He even locks it when it’s empty. 
So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to crafting time, it’s easy to get some good work out of them. Heheheee, ok seriously though. I think some of the best gifts are wrapped with love. Homemade wrapping. Scribbles and paint globs that you can’t bear to throw away! And all of those doodles get sent to friends and family with pride and love..
We will be starting our Christmas wrapping paper soon and will keep you posted on that, but here is some that the boys made for their cousin..
Super cute. Super sweet.

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