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Yes. It’s time to play catch-up!

And by that, I mean – Mom, here are the latest photos of your grandsons! Yeah. Seriously. Oh and I’m also catching up on the hundreds of photos I’ve taken over the past week, with a NEW CAMERA! (My heart swells) xx

So much climbing. And running. And chasing each other and poor Timmy-Dog. They are non-stop. 

And when they do stop, it’s quiet and you might think the worst, but lately they have really taken to playing together and having little adventures. And they help each other… H helped W put the trailer back on the bike so he could take the clown for a ride to their room. So lovely.

Speaking of their room. It’s slowly becoming “Their space”. Full of their toys, I’ve been slowly putting everything back in their room and making it fun for them to be there. They now have an old CD player they can listen to, access to more books, and most of their toys out. 

Hendrik’s cot. “Peter Rabbit”, Lion and “Red Monkey”
Willem’s cot. “Lellow Monkey” and “Teedy Bear”
I know in the not-too-distant future, all of this is going to change. Cots will become beds. Baby toys and toddler bikes will be too small. But even though, this age has had some hard times, we have seen some amazing milestones. And some milestones that not all parents get to experience. Twin milestones are something that are a blessing. While the boys scream and fight a lot, they are becoming such good little mates! They work together and help each other out. They bring each other food and snacks and their drink bottles. They share toothbrushes. (Yuck) But watching them spend time together (when they aren’t fighting) is something lovely beyond words. One morning, they sat on the bean bags in the room, listening to music, sharing books and chatting. It was that moment, I felt I could breath. 
More of that please boys!

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