The Twin Life

School holidays… Again.

It can be really hard to deal with school holidays and two crazy boys. But we manage. Playdough, drawing, outings to the dog beach, reading, playdates, baking. It’s exhausting. There are those days when you want just five minutes to yourself, and it never seems to come. 
A key thing I’ve discovered the last couple of weeks though, it goes back to the early days when the boys were just born. The rule of – sleep when they sleep. Yep. That’s me. With the new skills of playing for a bit of time on their own, I can do a bit of tidying. When they are running after each other down the hallway, I try and prep dinner. When they nap, so do I. Well, for about 15 minutes if I can. It’s heavenly.
Faery crowns and playdough on demand.
Handsome Jake hanging with the boys this week. Great fun!

We’ve been all about routine for a long time. And now that routine is changing slightly. Time for a bit of change. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that!

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