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PB&J Junkies (and being camera aware)

Lunchtime can be such a struggle sometimes. It usually met with fussiness and cranky boys, over-tired and an exhausted mum. It is so hard. Parenting is just hard. There is nothing easy about this shit. The days it goes all good in the morning, the afternoons just lead to chaos.. and vice versa. It’s rare that we have a seriously good day. It sucks. I want them to be all good days. But alas. No. 
I recently gave up trying to be healthy for lunchtimes, well at least for a couple of days. Usually we have things like edamame, whole grain toast with tuna, mostly healthy and as unprocessed as possible. Then, it all turned to custard. I threw in the towel and decided to make them PB&J. ARGH!!! There was no bread. Out come the tortillas. I know I was a PB&J kid and still am. But now I know why. The boys were so happy. I was happy. All good.
You can’t be that mum everyday. Somedays you have to feed them PB&J for lunch and baked beans for dinner. 
And it’s ok.. 

The new lunch favourite
And quickly, look at this little heartbreaker above. He has been quite lovely lately and it’s amazing. While Willem has had a pretty bad week, Hendrik is the one to help out. He gets their socks and shoes when Willem is having a tantrum on my lap and gets into the pram without question. And not to mention, he can work a camera like no other little boy! 😉

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